Founded in 2002, The scientific Observatory of the written, oral and filmic memory and of the autobiographical patrimony  (asbl Mediapolis-Europa) is composed of members from international universities and cultural institutions,  study various autobiographical expressions, and organizes an annual scientific meeting, accompanied by a film festival. As a result of his scientific work the observatory publish the annual journal Mnemosyne, o la costruzione del senso, published by the Presses Universitaires de Louvain,

Of this observatory belongs narratologists, linguists, art historians, film experts, literary historians, semioticians, experts in mathematical, physical and natural science and other cultural experts.

The basic idea is to consider the autobiography in its wider range (letters, testimonies, iconographic expressions and films) to analyze and understand the various strategies of the stories.

The enhancement of private writing has been the subject of an audition of the Cultural Commission of the European Parliament Brussels, 25 November 2003 [PE/XIII/OJ/03-13] (presentation of the European autobiographical web, Barbalato Beatrice and Philippe Lejeune ).